On the surface Bishop’s Stortford is a very affluent, successful and safe town. It is consistently judged to be one of the best places to live because of its links to London, Stansted Airport and The North.

However underneath the surface we see that there are problems, issues and difficulties.  People are lonely and isolated, perceptions of young people don’t always match up with reality and there are growing cultural issues such as cyber bullying, self-harm and drug use that are real challenges to our teenagers.  Thirst has been birthed out of a passion for the next generation and the team is made up of people who love and care for the teenagers in our town and we simply want to make a difference.

Young people are tomorrow’s lawyers, counsellors, politicians and teachers. We owe it to the next generation to give our time, effort, money and wisdom to helping support and grow them. These are the young people who will be teaching and leading our children’s children as well as setting the policies and laws for the nations to come.

How we plan to make a difference

Here are five ways which we plan to make a difference

To serve the young people in Bishop’s Stortford better than we already are

This is not to diminish the youth work already being carried out in several areas within the town but rather to add to and compliment that which is going on. We believe that there is a large section of young people in Bishop’s Stortford and the surrounding areas that we could serve better; those on the fringes of society, those with limited availability and those without access to or knowledge of what the town has to offer them in terms of activities and support.

Enable young people to reach their full potential; personally, socially & spiritually

Through the development of positive relationships our aim is to encourage young people to reach the potential within them. We want to offer opportunities and training to young people in the town whilst also signposting them to initiatives already up and running and available to them.

Lower crime rates & change perceptions about linking crime to young people

The main issue within Bishop’s Stortford is the perception of crime and antisocial behaviour. Through a public youth project in a very visible area of the town we want to help the community see that young people are important, the future and are worth investing in. We want to help reduce youth related crime and antisocial behaviour in Bishop’s Stortford and the surrounding areas.

To be holistic in our approach

We want to be holistic in our outreach and help to mentor and train young men and women, teaching them good values, morals and life skills. We want to reach and serve young people across the spectrum, from those addicted to drink, drugs, sex and violence, to those who have learning and social difficulties.

Educational support

We want to offer one-to-one coaching in primary and secondary schools as a first step of intervention for those students who need a bit more help or support.  The long-term goal is to offer those who struggle with mainstream education an alternative schooling option, Monday to Friday, whereby we can enrol young people who have been expelled, are unmanageable in the school system or who simply struggle with teaching styles of modern day education.